History & Heritage

Heritage Master Cover - for social mediaAs the territory of Wisconsin was preparing to become the State of Wisconsin in 1848 early historians realized  the importance of preserving the past and the present for the future. Wisconsin’s Historical Society was formed that same year. As each new community began to organize and form they were encouraged to also preserve their stories. As such, the Green Lake Country area is rich with the presence of 7 treasured Historical Societies (HS): Berlin Area Historical Society, Dartford HS (Green Lake), Kingston/Dalton HS, Little White Schoolhouse (Ripon), Markesan HS & Train Depot, Princeton HS, Ripon HS, Rosendale HS (contact information below).

Over the years local Historical Societies were established and connected themselves with the State organization to bring their own past and future in align with the entire State. Our mission is to preserve, advance and disseminate knowledge of our local history. We collect printed materials, manuscripts, materials reproduced by microfilm or other photographic process, artifacts and properties that are significant to our story. We actively work to use history to help understand our past, and to share this heritage on to succeeding generations. Each community’s story is unique and each society is distinctive in how they safeguard the materials that tell that story.

Written for the GLCVB by Bobbie Erdman, Pres. Berlin Historical Society