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Minimalist or Eco Traveler? Both?

Luxury camper? As in, “I don’t leave the house without my inflatable mattress and dust-buster” camper?

Need a place with endless entertainment for kids? Or the all inclusive, resort type campground that you never leave because there’s just to much fun going on? You know it. There’s a spot waiting for you right here. Explore the many camping options in our area until you find the one made just for you.

We are STOKED to be able to have one of the few campgrounds in Wisconsin that is Travel Green Certified. Don’t miss a visit to Shady Oaks Campground, where fun and preserving the environment go hand in hand (and yes, you’ll like it so much you’ll hug a tree on your way out).

Get totally unplugged. Just do it. Nature looks good and smells better anyway.

Lake Arrowhead Campground

Lake Arrowhead Campground