Performing Arts

The Performing Arts have always been an intrinsical part of our communities, but perhaps never more than today has our creative class deserved to be showcased in a new spotlight.  As our cities continue to grow and evolve, welcoming future residents and visitors to our area, it is the creative class that helps bring an economic advantage to our neighborhoods by continually beautifying our buildings, parks and galleries, as well as nourishing the mind and spirit of our residents and guests with Performing Arts. Creativity resides in everyone everywhere, so building a community of ideas means empowering all people with the ability to express and use the genius of their own creativity and bring it to bear as responsible citizens (from The Memphis Manifesto, 2003). Below is a list of venues, places and organizations who work hard to keep the Performing Arts active in our communities.

Thrasher Opera House

Shops of Water Street Concerts

Green Lake Festival of Music

Ripon's Summer Concerts on the Village Green

Green Lake's Summer Concert Series

Concerts in the Park, Nathan Strong Park (Berlin)

Live from Water Street (Princeton)