Boating Boating: The age old argument of pontoon versus runabout is a never ending one. It’s a good thing that in Green Lake Country no one will judge you for your choice of boat. In fact, all of our communities celebrate boating and invite you to enjoy the water. See what one local boat dealer has in stock.

Green Lake is the deepest natural inland lake in Wisconsin. Its coveted depth of 237 feet welcomes all boat styles and sizes. With over 7,300 acres of water and nearly 30 miles of shoreline, Green Lake is a great place to enjoy the day (or even the weekend). You’ll find restaurants, sands bars, fishing, sailing, and even music events on the water. Pack your skiis, tubes, and lifejackets for a thrill ride. See a map of Green Lake here.

If fishing is what brings you to the area, Green, Puckaway, and Little Green all offer a variety of indigenous fish and plenty of acreage to cast your line. Find maps here or check the local fishing report here.


SUPStand Up Paddle Boards: Stand Up Paddling, Paddleboarding, Paddlesurfing, SUP – Whatever you choose to call it, there’s something magical about the simple act of walking on water. And unlike other board sports that demand hours and hours of practice to become proficient, SUP is easy to learn, simple to do and incredibly FUN. It appeals equally to men and women, young and old, or anyone curious enough to give it a try. Once ‘on board’, SUP offers a uniquely elevated perspective on the water and is a perfect way to explore secluded, hidden coves and shorelines in Green Lake Country. With unrivaled ease of use and versatility, SUP is a sport that keeps you one paddle stroke away from adventures big and small. Buy an SUP here.