The Green Lake County area has some of the best snowmobiling trails in the state because they are supported and maintained berlin river ridersby several hard working local clubs who are passionate about the sport and groom about 140 miles of trails every winter, providing fun, beautiful rides for everyone to enjoy. The trails are beyond scenic, opening the window to explore what “being a part with winter and nature” truly means. Traveling on a well kept trail means more time to enjoy what the outdoors has to offer. It is not uncommon you’ll come across deer, wild turkey, bald eagles and wonderful birds. At times you may be lucky enough to spot a snowy owl.

All the trails in the Green Lake County area are signed by experienced snowmobilers, all volunteers of these clubs. They, like you, are true outdoor winter enthusiasts who can’t wait for a good snowfall to get out there and ride. The work of our clubs (see list and contact information below) goes from building relationships with local landowners, getting permissions, mapping out trails, brushing of areas, disking fields, and of course, making a great interesting trail that not only welcomes any type of snowmobiler, but makes you want to return year after year.

The clubs are not only your best source of up to date information, but they also put on a myriad of fun events for locals and non-locals to enjoy. There are local club trips, fundraisers, dinners/parties, night snowmobiling (in certain areas), educational events for the whole family, and exploratory trips to get to know our neighboring cities. We also participate every year in the Markesan Annual Car, Truck and Vintage Snowmobile Show held during the month of May (it’s great to see how far we’ve come from those first snowmobiles of the ‘60’s!).

Pack your bags and trailer and come visit us. We’ll be here waiting for you.snowmobilers

Written by Darlene Rhone, Sno-Drifters of Markesan member.
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