Think Green


Are you someone who strives to make choices that are good for the planet? Do you prefer to shop local, eat organic and burn less fossil fuels? If you live in or visit the Green Lake Country area, then you may be well on your way to being green! Here in GLC there are a growing number of opportunities to make eco-friendly choices, both as a consumer and as a citizen. You can do right by our Earth every time you visit one of our local farmer’s markets, take a peddle on our incredible bike paths or buy sustainably raised meats and produce direct from one of several local farms.

From tender spring asparagus and crisp summer lettuce to juicy heirloom tomatoes and savory winter squash, the area boasts several growers that are focused on producing nutrient dense, delicious fruits and vegetables that are available direct from their farms or through local markets and grocery outlets. By supporting these growers, you can be assured that you are eating in season and at the peak of freshness without the worry of chemical residues on your food and in our soil and water. Looking for some meat with your potatoes? Sourcing humanely raised meat couldn’t be easier! Beef, bison, lamb, pork, poultry and tilapia can be purchased direct from the farm and/or from markets and grocery stores. Check out the growing list of local vegetable and meat producers below.

Look for many of these products and more by visiting one of the local Farmer’s Markets, including the Green Lake Farmer’s Market (Friday afternoons @ Playground Park), Berlin Artist and Farmer’s Market (Tuesday afternoons @ Nathan Strong Park), Ripon Farmer’s Market (Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings @ The Village Green), and Farm to Fork Farmer’s Market in Princeton (Wednesday afternoons @ City Park). Looking to further reduce your carbon footprint in the Green Lake area? Get your bike and peddle on the Green Lake Greenways to reach some of these destinations. Whether you are shopping locally or simply enjoying the absolute beauty of the area, you can burn calories instead of fossil fuels and feel good about the choices you make. It IS easy being green when you are in the Green Lake area!

Written by contributor Danielle Boerson, Boerson’s Farm.