Think Green


Are you someone who strives to make choices that are good for the planet? Do you prefer to shop local, eat organic and burn less fossil fuels? If you live in or visit the Green Lake Country area, then you may be well on your way to being green! Here in GLC there are a growing number of opportunities to make eco-friendly choices, both as a consumer and as a citizen. You can do right by our Earth every time you visit one of our local farmer’s markets, take a peddle on our incredible bike paths or buy sustainably raised meats and produce direct from one of several local farms.

From tender spring asparagus and crisp summer lettuce to juicy heirloom tomatoes and savory winter squash, the area boasts several growers that are focused on producing nutrient dense, delicious fruits and vegetables that are available direct from their farms or through local markets and grocery outlets. By supporting these growers, you can be assured that you are eating in season and at the peak of freshness without the worry of chemical residues on your food and in our soil and water. Looking for some meat with your potatoes? Sourcing humanely raised meat couldn’t be easier! Beef, bison, lamb, pork, poultry and tilapia can be purchased direct from the farm and/or from markets and grocery stores. Check out the growing list of local vegetable and meat producers below.

Look for many of these products and more by visiting one of the local Farmer’s Markets, including the Green Lake Farmer’s Market (Friday afternoons @ Playground Park), Berlin Artist and Farmer’s Market (Tuesday afternoons @ Nathan Strong Park), Ripon Farmer’s Market (Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings @ The Village Green), and Farm to Fork Farmer’s Market in Princeton (Wednesday afternoons @ City Park). Looking to further reduce your carbon footprint in the Green Lake area? Get your bike and peddle on the Green Lake Greenways to reach some of these destinations. Whether you are shopping locally or simply enjoying the absolute beauty of the area, you can burn calories instead of fossil fuels and feel good about the choices you make. It IS easy being green when you are in the Green Lake area!

Written by contributor Danielle Boerson, Boerson’s Farm.

Boerson Farm, Green Lake

Boerson Farm is an 80 acre Certified Organic farm located in Green Lake County which uses organic and sustainable farming practices to produce whole foods including vegetables, fruit, pastured pork, grass fed beef, eggs, and grain.


daiseye is an eclectic marketplace offering fair trade & earth-friendly products, clothing, accessories and gifts to enhance you and your living space. Here you will find treasures of simple beauty created from materials such as reclaimed wood and tin, recycled glass, and organically-grown herbs and fibers. Due to the nature of the materials and because many of our products are handcrafted, much of what we offer is one-of-a-kind.

Avrom Farm, Green Lake

Intersection of county roads A and K (our driveway goes into Scott Hill Road), Green Lake WI 54941 / (773) 710-6386

Avrom Farm is a small scale farm in Green Lake, Wisconsin that is Certified Naturally Grown and ensures the quality and organic methods used for growing vegetables; they sell in local markets and in Chicago.

Honey Creek Farm, Green Lake

Bluffton Rd, Green Lake, WI 54941
(920) 294-6896

Honey Creek Farm uses natural and sustainable processes to raise their grass/legume fed beef and pastured pork.

Lenz's Green Lake Meadows

W1809 Lakeview Rd
Markesan, Wisconsin 53946
(920) 948-8821

Olden Produce, Ripon

W11699 Olden Road Ripon WI, 54971

Olden Produce grows a wide range of produce, vegetables and fruit, chemical free.

Pinnacle Pastures, Ripon

W11780 County Road KK
Ripon, WI 54971
(920) 539-0789

Pinnacle Pastures offers quality grass/clover fed beef and naturally pastured pork.

Prellwitz Produce

476 Hwy E
Ripon, WI

Prellwitz Produce grows strawberries, raspberries and sweet corn and offers specialty products as well such as jams, dressings, and salsas.

Soda's Farm Market, Princeton

N44 59th State Hwy 73 in Princeton, Wisconsin 54968

(920) 295-8721

Open weekends from middle of May until the end of June, and open 7 days a week July through Halloween.

Thundering Hoof Ranch, Berlin

N7471 Forest Ridge Rd, Berlin, WI 54923

Thundering Hoof Ranch uses sustainable farming practices to produce Grassfed Beef, pastured Berkshire pork, grassfed Icelandic lamb, pastured chicken & golden eggs, and canned produce & fruits, as well as offers homemade soap, and wool products.

4M Bison Farm, Green Lake

N5697 Skunk Hollow Road, Ripon, WI

The 4M Bison Farm's mission is to provide locally raised, tasty, healthy red meat for Ripon, WI and the surrounding communities.

Renard's European Bakeshop, Princeton

Artisan Breads and European styled pastries made from scratch with no mystery ingredients. Certified Travel Green Wisconsin.

Vines & Rushes Winery, Ripon

410 County Rd E, WI 54971

Vines and Rushes is a winery located on the Prellwitz family farm. Their wines are made on site from grapes tough enough to survive the cold of Wisconsin.