Arts & Culture

Thrasher Opera House

Thrasher Opera House

The development of our cities, the industries that have built our towns making us who we are today, and the lives and interests of our past and present residents are what make up the Arts and Cultural Identity of our area. And what does this translate to here in Green Lake Country? Quality of life. Any resident will tell you without hesitation, “Quality of Life” is perhaps our most treasured asset.

Rich native american history runs through our lands, a history that evolved and faded with the appearance of fur traders and new settlers. Experience our past by visiting each of our Historical Societies, which share common threads, but differentiate themselves by the economy of their area. Each one has documented, embraced and protected the rich cultural history of our area in a way that is unique to themselves.


The arts are a huge component of the Quality of Life and Culture our community offers. From excellent shows at the Thrasher Opera House (on the national register of historical places), to the hidden Art Galleries and Exhibits, residents and visitors alike can partake in art workshops, cooking classes, sewing groups, reading clubs, concerts in the park during the summer (think classical music, rock, alternative, country, all the way up to the UW Marching Band). Children can engage in chalk walks, yoga classes, lego clubs, science presentations, movie nights, star labs, story-times and a myriad of exciting opportunities to open their minds, and yours.

For specific information on how to make your visit a cultural one, contact us at 920.294.1050.